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New Spreaders Line

October 2021

The new range of fertilizer spreaders completes our offer concerning sector of fertilization.
In addition to the consolidated FS range, we introduced new models FS-P, FS-R and the more professional FS-2A.

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New Reversible Flail Mower

October 2021

The light model BTL completes our consolidated range of reversible flail mowers.
Lighter machine than BT and BTH, but at the same time compact and solid.


New Rotary Tillers

September 2021

New line foreseen to meet need of all quick hitches users.
New models introduced are RP-3, RPC-3, RE-3, REC-3, GP-3, GPC-3, GDE-3, GDEC-3, CRE-3 E CREC-3.

ERK web.png

New Rotary Harrows Line

September 2021

We introduced a new line of rotary harrow, in order to meet all needs: from the hobbyist to the contractor.
Working width min/max from 110 cm till 700 cm.
From the light models ERL-3 and ERL-3 S and the medium range ERX-3, till professional ones ERK and ERP and heavier and folding-models ERL-DBL, ERK-DBL and ERP-DBL.


Rotary Harrow ERP-DBL

May 2019

The new series of power harrows ERP/DBL represents the highest expression of techonology applied to an agricultural implement for the soil working. The power harrow ERP/DBL is the top-of-the-line series of SOVEMA.
It is available in three different working widhts: 500-600 and 700.


Side Flail Mower TDF-L EXT

March 2018

TDF-L is our standard light duty, right-side flail mower for small tractors. It's suitable for clearing ditch banks, mowing road-sides, and public parks.
Available with articulated or cup knives in 3 cutting widths, cm 120/48", cm 140/56", and cm 160/64".

Rear roller. Safety devices.


Flail mower FM-3

March 2018

Very popular machine, the NEW FM-3 series is particulary used for grass cutting. Special knive for a perfect ventilation. Front flaps. Rear roller and skids.
Automatic belt tensioner

New Flail Mower. DBL-H

December 2017

NEW Flail Mower DBL-H series

Flail PL

November 2016

The PL series is the right machine for chopping branches and grass in vineyards and orchards.

It comes with a side-shift through hydraulic parallelogram. 

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